Wallegro FAQs
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Do I have to pay for Wallegro?

It is completely free to use the Wallegro app.

Can I use Wallegro without registration?

Yes, you can start using Wallegro instantly and unrestricted without registration in the explore mode. For using some special functions, like sync personalized Wallegro content on multiple devices, you’ll need to register for free.

What is a Wallegro ID?

When you register, you have to specify a unique Wallegro ID and a password. With these credentials you are able to use Wallegro on every device or web browser.

Which elements can be stored in Wallegro?

With Wallegro you can store every type of card you have, like loyalty cards. Creating different types of shopping lists is also possible. These can be used for example as check lists or wish lists. Notes and photos can also be added additionally.

Can I synchronize my elements on various devices?

Yes, after registration your wallet content synchronizes automatically on every device you logged in with your Wallegro ID.

Is Wallegro able to handle all card formats?

Yes, because you take pictures of your actual cards. With a wizard you can easily adjust the picture by rotating and cropping it.

What is the best way to capture my card images?

We recommend to capture the front and back side of your cards on a white surface, e.g. on a piece of paper and have enough light to get a good photo quality. Wallegro offers a wizard to scan cards. In a first step you might rotate and zoom the card to fit the frame, in a second step you can automatically detect the edges of the card and manually correct the corners to have a perfectly aligned card image.

Why do Wallegro don’t use predefined card images?

Because when you use predefined card images, you will lose important information, e.g. expiration date that is captured on your card. It’s also possible to add any card you have in any size or format with front and back side.

Is it possible to scan the barcodes of my cards with Wallegro?

Yes, Wallegro supports all major barcode types, from normal barcodes to complex QR codes. You can add the barcode to your wallet by simply scanning or entering it manually.

Are retailers able to scan in barcodes from the display of my smartphone?

Reading barcode cards from the mobile display is already supported at many retailers. However some retailers still use older scanning technologies, which do not properly support reading barcodes from mobile phone displays. In this case the card number can be manually be entered by the cashier.

How does Wallegro protect my privacy and are my personal details secure?

Wallegro takes your security and protection of your personal details very seriously. We use several security technologies and we work hard to keep your personal information safe and protected from unauthorized access or abuse. Your personal data is stored on a secure server hosted in a European data center and can only be accessed with your Wallegro ID and password. Wallegro does not share any of your personal data with third parties unless you explicitly authorize Wallegro to do so.

Is Wallegro usable in offline mode?

Yes, Wallegro can be used in offline mode. Creating and using cards is fully supported and you are also able to use all your cards while shopping. All other features require online connectivity. As soon as you are connected again all changes carried out will be synchronized automatically.

Can I use Wallegro without the app?

Yes, you can use Wallegro without the app. If you log in on the website with your Wallegro ID you can have access to your wallet from every web and mobile browser.

Can I restore my data?

Yes, when you have a Wallegro ID you have your data saved in the secure Wallegro cloud and you can restore on any device you log in.

Can I block Wallegro on a device I lost?

If you want to block the device which you have lost, just contact us on support@wallegro.com and tell us which device you want to block. We will take care for this then.

Is Wallegro available for iOS?

We are currently working on a Wallegro app for iOS which will be available in the App Store soon. Until then iOS users can access Wallegro directly from their browsers.

How can I send my feedback to Wallegro?

We always appreciate your feedback and improvement suggestions. Please email to support@wallegro.com.