Wallegro is combining many benefits

Digitalize and Organize Your Cards

Wallegro offers you a simple and convenient way to digitalize and organize all your loyalty cards so that you can use them anywhere and anytime, even if you are offline. Smart barcode and image scanning tools allow you to add new cards to Wallegro without difficulty within seconds.

Extend Wallegro with Your Content

In addition to cards Wallegro also allows you to store various kinds of personal content. Add text memos, pictures, check lists and more to have everything you need always with you.

Keep all Your Devices in Sync

Wallegro stores all your cards and shopping lists and automatically synchronizes them with all your devices, with state-of-the-art data encryption being used to secure your personal data and to protect your privacy.

Slim Your Wallet

With Wallegro you can leave your plastic cards at home and still benefit from bonus programs and discounts of your retailers. Like this your wallet becomes neat and slim again.

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