Wallegro simplifies your daily shopping activities and helps you to save time and money. It carries all your loyalty cards and shopping lists and makes them available to you with just one tap – no matter where you are. Wallegro is your free, smart, secure and convenient shopping assistant.

Wallegro is the mobile wallet for your personal items such as loyalty cards, coupons, ID cards, important notes and shopping lists. With Wallegro you always have all your loyalty cards at hand and you can display their barcodes on your mobile phone with just a single tap. Like this you are always ready to collect valuable bonus points or enjoy other benefits.

With Wallegro managing multiple shopping lists becomes an easy task. Create your shopping lists on your tablet and they will be automatically transferred to your mobile phone. Intelligent grouping and ordering of your shopping list entries allows you to optimize your way through the store. While shopping you can easily tick off all items you have put in your basket.

Wallegro is for free and can be used without restriction, even without registration. You just have to download the app to get started immediately. When you choose to register you can benefit from additional features like secure synchronization of your data across multiple devices or personalized offers.

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